Saskia Oidtmann

Borders and Passages

Borders and Passages 2008, 50 min

Pumpwerk Prenzlauer Berg
Choreographie: Kathrin Riedel-Kelly
Tanz: Raisa Kröger, Anja Richter, Saskia Oidtmann


Research Theme: »To look life in the face, to know it for what it is, to love it for what it is, it is the right of every human being.« (The Hours 2004)

… Language and time – structures which bind us, but at the same time deliver our identity. The borders between an existential necessity for these structures and an inscape or the manifestation of an outer persona are invisible and rather blurry. Time and language are coterminous: “to be in the one is to be in the other” (Derrida 1982)

Breathlessly enclosed in a world alienated by time as the ‘master and measure of social existence, which appears more and more mechanical and empty. We can break out, but do we have enough courage for freedom; for the leap into the unknown, into a liminal space, which doesn’t host our usual points of reference including our own fears, to which we cling despite all contrary statements?