Saskia Oidtmann

The Gati Documentary

Contemporary Dance in India –
The Pioneering work of Gati Dance Forum, New Delhi

Length: app. 60 min
Shot in Germany, India, Switzerland
Format: HD / 16:9
Languages: English, German
Production: 2013-2016

Gati Dance Forum was founded by dancer and choreographer Anusha Lall in New Delhi in 2007 in order to build opportunities and infrastructure for Contemporary Dance in India. Gati’s aim is not to distinguish the contemporary from the traditional, but to form a vision of dance that is not exclusive. Dance should be created and supported by and for people with different cultural backgrounds and artistic aesthetics. This means accepting transformation in movement vocabularies, methods of choreographing and aesthetics. This change within a movement language and culture is something that belongs to the course of time and therefore has to be welcomed.

The film is going to accompany Gati Dance Forum on its many endeavors within the next few years in order to document the continuation and width of its pioneering work, but also to show the importance of transformation within a traditional arts context. The documentary wants to investigate the elements of Indian Contemporary Dance that is not just a movement coming from the West, but that is a unique and valuable facet, different in each context.